Episode #127: 2019 Year-End Review – Part VI

Music Unframed

This is the first episode in year 2020, to review best of year 2019 alphabetically.

19:01:28AnubisTechnicolour Afterlife06:22Different Stories2018
19:11:24IQPerfect Space08:30Resistance2019
19:19:54Vienna CircleBallad of Night06:27Silhouette Moon2013
19:26:21Seven Steps To The Green DoorA Dream That Strayed II03:20The Lie2019
19:29:24Freedom To GlideUndertones Of War04:37SEED2019
19:36:11J.S. TolarOur Faceless Captors03:27Dark Eternal Future2019
19:39:38JadisAnimated05:32Medium Rare II2019
19:45:10Jakub Zytecki Grow Up03:35Nothing Lasts, Nothings Lost2019
19:48:45JalayanDescent Of Annunaki05:40Sonic Drive2019
19:54:25JambinaiSquare Wave04:59ONDA2019
19:59:25Jon Pold’s SynergyWhen Gods Die04:17On2019
20:03:42Joost MaglevAlter Ego04:29Alter Ego2019
20:08:11Jordan RudessOff the Ground04:43Wired For Madness2019
20:16:43Kaprekar’s ConstantGhost Planes10:34Depth Of Field2019
20:27:17KarfagenMy Bed Is a Boat02:39Echoes from Within Dragon Island2019
20:29:56KloneYonder (Bruce Soord Mix)04:48Le Grand Voyage2019
20:34:44Knight AreaThe Landing04:54D-Day2019
20:39:37KariBoWIs That You?05:23Supernatural Foe: Rebirth2019
20:47:12Flamborough HeadSchoolyard Fantasy08:01Unspoken Whisper1998
20:55:12Roger WatersThe Pros and Cons Of Hitchhiking04:37The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hik1984
21:01:24LazleittGallows Hill Dossier 2: Bridget Bishop06:19Perpetually Under Idle Grounds2019
21:07:43League of LightsIn the in Between03:52In The In Between2019
21:11:35Lee AbrahamAscend The Sky05:12Comatose2019
21:16:49LeprousI Lose Hope04:30Pitfalls2019
21:21:19Life in DigitalSuspended Animation05:45Signs to the Far Side2019
21:27:04Lion ShepherdWorld on Fire04:03III2019
21:31:07Lobate ScarpNothing Wrong (Radio edit)05:08Spirals and Portals (EP)2019
21:36:15Lonely RobotAncient Ascendant05:43Under Stars (CD Gatefold Edition)2019
21:41:58LoonyparkAre We Alone?04:39Deep Space Eight2019
21:46:37Lost in ThoughtThe Promise05:28Renascence2019
21:52:06The LuministMemory Loss, Pt. I_ Skyless05:41Skyless2019
22:00:35PaatosHolding On04:49Kallocain2004
22:08:49Moon LettersBeware the Finman07:41Until They Feel the Sun2019
Author: Munframed