Episode #184: Evership – The Uncrowned King: Act 1

Evership - The Uncrowned King: Act 1
19:00:48AnubisAnd I Wait For My World To End05:11A Tower Of Silence2011
19:08:27SylvanOn My Odyssey06:26One To Zero2021
19:15:50EvershipThe Pilgrimage (I. Desert of Facts / II. The Temple of Truth / III. The Quiet Room)10:33The Uncrowned King: Act 12021
19:28:04Laura MeadeOn the Shores of the Seine00:26The Most Dangerous Woman In America2021
19:28:30Laura MeadeLeaving03:27The Most Dangerous Woman In America2021
19:31:57The WringThe Light04:08Project Cipher2021
19:36:05Pale MannequinInkblot05:44Colours of Continuity2021
19:43:21WolverinePhoenix Slain09:10A Darkened Sun2021
19:52:31Wine GuardianLittle Boy07:49Timescape2021
20:00:20WatershapeIn the Garden of Dreams and Grace04:51You are Not2021
20:06:53EvershipCrownshine / Allthetime10:45The Uncrowned King: Act 12021
20:18:51KarmamoiMemory Holes09:00Room 1012021
20:27:51EloyMemory Flash05:01Dawn1976
20:32:52Tiger Moth TalesTake The Memory07:03The Depths Of Winter2017
20:39:55OakFalse Memory Archive04:41False Memory Archive2018
20:44:36OSIMemory Daydreams Lapses05:57Office of Strategic Influence2003
20:50:32ThresholdLost In Your Memory04:30For the Journey2014
20:55:02Mission JupiterMy Hypocrisy03:49Talk To Me2021
21:00:40EvershipYettocome / Itmightbe16:37The Uncrowned King: Act 12021
21:18:21Jeff KollmanLoss01:47East of Heaven2021
21:20:09Jeff KollmanThe Mass Exodus06:28East of Heaven2021
21:26:37White Moth Black ButterflyEther02:37The Cost of Dreaming2021
21:29:13White Moth Black ButterflyPrayer for Rain03:16The Cost of Dreaming2021
21:32:30Shawn EdwardConnexion Failed05:47Anchor To The Ankle2021
21:46:31StyxCrash Of The Crown03:45Crash Of The Crown2021
21:50:16Dennis DeYoungThe Isle of Misanthrope06:0126 East, Vol. 22021
21:56:17The AdekaemFool And Death07:30The Great Lie2021
22:05:35EvershipWait05:06The Uncrowned King: Act 12021
Author: Munframed