Episode #186: Nephila – Nephila & What Strange Beasts – The Maestro’s Tale

19:02:54AnubisAnother Narrow Margin06:42And I Wait for My World to End – EP2012
19:11:38NephilaWhite Bones03:33Nephila2021
19:15:11What Strange BeastsDear Maestro04:02The Maestro’s Tale2021
19:20:31Vince DiColaBound & Gagged03:46Only Time Will Tell2021
19:24:17Lord HelmetNothing to See04:49Get Back to the Ship2021
19:29:58BrisconAlong The Shoreline06:49Touching Oblivion2021
19:36:47Alex LifesonKabul Blues03:03Alex Lifeson (EP)2021
19:41:11NephilaWho Are You05:34Nephila2021
19:46:46What Strange BeastsSublimation00:47The Maestro’s Tale2021
19:47:33What Strange BeastsUp In The Air06:25The Maestro’s Tale2021
19:55:37Raven SadLegend #101:44The Leaf and The Wing2021
19:57:21Raven SadThe Sadness Of The Raven09:29The Leaf and The Wing2021
20:06:51Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused To Sing07:15The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)2013
20:15:44Dennis AtlasWidow Washer06:04My Magical Wonderland2021
20:21:47Beautiful BedlamLife, Death & Cheers (+ Slow Creepin’)05:58Beautiful Bedlam2021
20:35:37What Strange BeastsJunkyard01:07The Maestro’s Tale2021
20:36:44What Strange BeastsYou Are Lost04:10The Maestro’s Tale2021
20:42:40Paradigm BlueThe Möbius Trip (VII. Resistor)07:05Transist2021
20:50:48AzureAmeotoko I – The Curse08:57Of Brine And Angel’s Beaks2011
20:59:45SinoptikSell God’s Number04:28The Calling2021
21:05:16NephilaMushroom Creatures03:48Nephila2021
21:08:57What Strange BeastsRainsong01:13The Maestro’s Tale2021
21:10:10What Strange BeastsAntidote05:00The Maestro’s Tale2021
21:15:51Dario and the ClearSaint Street03:53Optic Nerve2021
21:19:44MirageHow can you know09:53The Tyler Durden Project2021
21:30:43NephilaGuidance to Agony05:16Nephila2021
21:35:59What Strange BeastsDebris00:57The Maestro’s Tale2021
21:36:55What Strange BeastsThe Field05:08The Maestro’s Tale2021
21:43:30CinereousJester I. Sacrament06:31I. Prelude2021
21:50:00Bastian PerThe Safe Place04:12The Safe Place2021
21:54:13Seventh DimensionBlack Sky: Into the Void07:58Black Sky2021
22:05:07NephilaAlla Galaxers Centrum09:21Nephila2021
22:14:28What Strange BeastsDrift01:31The Maestro’s Tale2021
22:15:59What Strange BeastsPrecipitation05:30The Maestro’s Tale2021
Author: Munframed