Episode #208: “Oak – The Quiet Rebellion of Compromise” & “Ragnar Zolberg – Forest Lovesongs”

19:00:32AnubisAll That Is11:08A Tower Of Silence2011
19:14:25OakDreamless Sleep05:31The Quiet Rebellion of Compromise2022
19:20:51O.R.k.As I Leave03:54Screamnasium2022
19:26:35Ragnar ZolbergTo Learn04:16Forest Lovesongs2022
19:32:03GrydgaardPalace of Peace (ft. Damian Wilson)04:40Secrets from the Palace2022
19:36:43GrydgaardSecrets of Egypt08:25Secrets from the Palace2022
19:45:57Crippled Black PhoenixBlackout7707:31Banefyre2022
19:53:28A Constant StormAnt (Including March Of The Soldiers)05:21ANT2022
19:59:59O.R.k.Consequence (ft. Elisa)04:06Screamnasium2022
20:04:05Ragnar ZolbergA Forest Lovesong07:03Forest Lovesongs2022
20:13:04Pain of SalvationMeaningless04:45In the Passing Light of Day2017
20:19:01The Mars VoltaBlacklight Shine02:55The Mars Volta2022
20:21:57The Mars VoltaGraveyard Love03:13The Mars Volta2022
20:25:57RiversideI’m Done With You05:42ID.ENTITY [pre-release]2023
20:31:39Bjørn RiisA Voyage to the Sun07:25A Fleeting Glimpse2022
20:39:04CosmografHeroic Materials13:07Heroic Materials2022
20:53:15QueensrÿcheIn Extremis04:38Digital Noise Alliance2022
20:58:42O.R.k.Don’t Call Me a Joke03:16Screamnasium2022
21:01:58O.R.k.Hope for the Ordinary04:29Screamnasium2022
21:06:27Ragnar ZolbergMountain Roots – Underworld06:58Forest Lovesongs2022
21:14:55ArenaTime Capsule05:26The Theory Of Molecular Inheritance2022
21:20:20Red BazarOne Out Of Three06:30Inverted Reality2022
21:26:51The Samurai Of Prog (ft. Marco Grieco)Anthem To The Phoenix Star06:59Anthem To The Phoenix Star2022
21:33:52Glass HammerThe Years Roll By07:24At the Gate2022
21:41:16EvershipThe Voice of the Night03:14The Uncrowned King: Act 22022
21:44:30EvershipMissive Pursuits08:29The Uncrowned King: Act 22022
21:52:59Regal WormRegal Wishbone03:50Worm!2022
21:58:47O.R.k.Someone Waits05:27Screamnasium2022
22:04:14Ragnar ZolbergForaging07:30Forest Lovesongs2022
Author: Munframed