Episode #212: 2022 in Alphabetical order (pt. III)

19:36:44AnubisDead Trees07:16Different Stories2018
19:47:39Harpo JarviYakuzapalooza10:35Babushka Noir2022
19:58:14HartmannIn another life04:20Get Over It2022
20:02:34Hats Off Gentlemen It’s AdequateAnother Plague07:23The Confidence Trick2022
20:09:58Hollow HourNeon05:21Till the Grey Skies Are Gone2022
20:15:18Hott MessWorlds Collide03:54Prometheus Book One2022
20:19:12Human By NatureRelease08:48Eläimys2022
20:29:27THE ILLUSION A SOUND LIKE PINK FLOYDThe Illusion of Life03:45The Illusion of Life (Single)2022
20:41:57James LaBrieGive and Take04:41Beautiful Shade Of Grey2022
20:46:38Jethro TullThe Betrayal of Joshua Kynde04:01The Zealot Gene2022
20:50:39Joe BaileyThe Fruitful Dead06:34Devil In The White City2022
20:57:13Joe SatrianiFaceless04:43The Elephants of Mars2022
21:01:56John HoldenPeggy’s Cove04:14Kintsugi2022
21:06:10Jonas Lindberg & The Other SideOceans Of Time11:32Miles From Nowhere2022
21:17:42Juan S. GarcesIn My Mind05:31Personal Warfare2022
21:24:43KaipaWilderness Excursion08:53Urskog2022
21:33:36Kalle WallnerThree05:44Voices2022
21:39:20Kaprekar’s ConstantTall Tales by Firelight04:45The Murder Wall2022
21:44:05KarciusThe Ladder13:42Grey White Silver Yellow and Gold2022
21:57:47KarfagenLand of Green14:22Land of Green and Gold2022
22:12:09Kissin’ DynamiteNot The End Of The Road04:04Not The End Of The Road2022
22:16:14Knight AreaThe Journey Home05:11D-Day II: The Final Chapter2022
Author: Munframed