Episode #97: 2018 in Review, Part 3

on January 28th and on the Third episode of Music Unframed in year 2019, We review some of my 2018 favorite releases alphabetically! In this episode, you will hear Music by  Anubis, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Hawkwind, Hekz, High Jack, Hollowscene, The Hollow Moon, Human 2.0, iamthemorning, IO Earth, JPL, Joseph McDade, Jensen Jones, Jaan Wessman, Jack Potter, Joe Satriani, John Holden, Kaleidoreal, Kamelot, Karda Estra, Karibow, Karmamoi, Karcius, Kayak, Kenny Mitchell, Keor, Kino, Kingcrow and Komie.

19:21:32AnubisAnd I Wait For My World To End5:11A Tower Of Silence2011
19:29:13Hats Off Gentlemen It’s AdequateThe Electric Ant4:02Out Of Mind2018
19:33:16HawkwindQuark, Strangeness and Charm4:26Road to Utopia2018
19:43:39High JackThe End of Mankind5:44The Iron God2018
19:51:44HollowsceneThe Moon Is Down4:17Hollowscene2018
19:56:12The Hollow MoonThe Hollow Moon4:00The Hollow Moon2018
20:00:13Human 2.0Crispr4:48Colour Thinking2018
20:06:25iamthemorninginside (Ocean Sounds Sessions)3:28Ocean Sounds2018
20:09:54IO EarthSolitude7:44Solitude2018
20:19:50JPLUne étrange idée5:14Retrospections Vol. 32018
20:25:04Joseph McDadeSneak Preview5:05Scatterbrained2018
20:30:09Jensen JonesWithout You4:56Stay2018
20:35:06Jaan WessmanFulfilled5:39None For The Money, Two For The Show2018
20:42:25Jack PotterSelf Made Man5:03Pride Before The Fall2018
20:47:29Joe SatrianiEnergy3:25What Happens Next2018
20:50:53John HoldenCrimson Sky5:46Capture Light2018
20:58:24KaleidorealI Was Dust7:34A Life Wasted2018
21:05:58KamelotAmnesiac3:35The Shadow Theory2018
21:09:33Karda EstraMephisto Portrait3:48Veil2018
21:15:32KaribowPrivate Babylon6:05MOnuMENTO (1) Moments2018
21:21:37KarmamoiMother’s Dirge (Radio Edit)5:22The Day Is Done2018
21:26:59KarciusSomething5:56The Fold2018
21:34:30KayakAll That I Want3:42Seventeen2018
21:38:12Kenny MitchellWhere do I go…5:51The Light and The Dark…2018
21:46:10KeorThe Nest of Evil8:32Petrichor2018
21:56:34KinoThe Dead Club4:03Radio Voltaire2018
22:00:38KingcrowNight’s Descending4:50The Persistence2018
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