Episode #95: 2018 in Review, Part 1

The first episode of Music Unframed in year 2019 on January 14th, is to review some great 2018 releases alphabetically! In this episode, you will hear Music by Anubis, The Aaron Clift Experiment, All Traps On Earth, Anima Mundi, Albion, Antimatter, Antoine Fafard, Apogee, Arena, Argos, AlithiA, Asturias, Audio70, Ankh, Art of Illusion, Bjorn Riis, Black Ladder, Black Strat Band, Burntfield, Bomber Goggles, Between the Buried and Me, Canturbe, Cell15, Colin Tench, Coma Rossi, Cosmic Order, Coheed and Cambria, Carptree, Crippled Black Phoenix, Crystal Palace and The Cyberiam

19:01:06AnubisTechnicolour Afterlife6:22Different Stories2018
19:12:09The Aaron Clift ExperimentIf All Goes Wrong5:04If All Goes Wrong2018
19:17:13All Traps On EarthBortglomda Gardar13:39A Drop Of Light2018
19:25:34Anima MundiHer Song6:56Insomnia2018
19:33:30AlbionDoubt4:47You’ll Be Mine2018
19:38:16AntimatterThe Third Arm4:49Black Market Enlightenment2018
19:44:36Antoine FafardEmpty World10:23Proto Mundi2017
19:50:23ApogeeOverride Our Instincts12:57Conspiracy Of Fools2018
19:59:07ArenaParadise Of Thieves5:04Double Vision2018
20:04:11ArgosParade of Unpainted Dreams4:09Unidentified Dying Objects2018
20:08:21AlithiAFaces in the Leaves6:14The Moon has Fallen2018
20:16:39AsturiasDawn Wind4:33Across The Ridge To Heaven2018
20:21:12Audio70Six sharpened blades4:56ElectRockProg(con)Fusion2018
20:22:42AnkhErotyk4:38Tu jest i tam jest2018
20:27:20Art of IllusionAble to Abide4:16Cold War of Solipsism2018
20:33:23Bjorn RiisDrowning6:24Coming Home2018
20:39:38Black LadderSpeakin’ Easy4:17An Ambitious Few2018
20:44:37Black Strat BandPersonal Demons6:06Absence2018
20:50:44BurntfieldMy Grief4:54Hereafter2018
20:57:03Bomber GogglesLand of Plastic5:10Gyreland2018
21:02:13Between the Buried and MeMillions4:43Automata I2018
21:07:44CanturbeEn Bajon3:50Flotteur2018
21:11:34Cell15Street Lights7:32River Utopia2018
21:20:14Colin TenchWelcome to Your World4:40Minor Masterpiece2017
21:24:54Coma RossiTurn Back Time6:33Coma Rossi2018
21:32:22Cosmic OrderThe Snake Rides Again5:12Songs of Love and Darkness2018
21:37:26Coheed and CambriaBlack Sunday4:43The Unheavenly Creatures2018
21:42:39CarptreeBy Your Own Device5:28Subimago2018
21:48:06Crippled Black PhoenixMadman4:49Great Escape2018
21:52:56Crystal PalaceOutside The Box4:00Scattered Shards2018
22:00:19The CyberiamJuxtaposer5:52The Cyberiam2018

Episode #66: Hadeon – Sunrise

The February 26th episode of Music Unframed is featuring “Sunrise”, a year 2018 released album by “Hadeon” from Italy. In this episode, you will also hear Music by Perfect Beings, The Sundering, The Black Noodle Project, Kepler Ten, Tilt, Clouds Can, Tautologic, The Cyberiam and more!

19:00:56 Anubis And I Wait For My World To End 05:15 A Tower Of Silence 2011
19:08:39 Hadeon Thoughts ‘n’ Sparks 05:45 Sunrise 2017
19:20:07 Perfect Beings The Golden Arc – The Persimmon Tree 08:11 Vier 2018
19:28:17 Perfect Beings The Golden Arc – Turn the World Off 02:03 Vier 2018
19:30:20 Perfect Beings The Golden Arc – America 01:47 Vier 2018
19:32:07 Perfect Beings The Golden Arc – For a Pound of Flesh 04:32 Vier 2018
19:38:39 Landmarq Narovlya 11:06 Origins 2014
19:50:51 Pain Of Salvation Innocence 07:13 Road Salt One 2010
19:59:28 Hadeon Chaotic Picture 06:50 Sunrise 2017
20:08:02 The Sundering Call of the Sea 08:55 Pentameron 2018
20:18:44 The Black Noodle Project Under A Black Sky 01:49 Divided We Fall 2017
20:20:33 The Black Noodle Project Absolom 05:50 Divided We Fall 2017
20:28:26 Kepler Ten The Shallows 06:02 Delta-v 2017
20:34:28 RPWL Beyond Man and Time (The Blind) 06:27 Beyond Man and Time 2011
20:42:55 Knight Area Moods Inspiring Clouds 05:00 The Sun Also Rises 2004
20:47:55 Steve Hackett The Musical Box 11:11 Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2014
21:01:00 Hadeon Lightline 06:45 Sunrise 2017
21:09:05 Yes Siberian Khatru 08:48 Close To The Edge (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 2013) 2013
21:17:53 Tilt Assembly 08:44 Hinterland 2016
21:28:09 Clouds Can Almost Forever 06:40 Leave 2017
21:34:49 Tautologic The Choirboy 05:39 Re?:?Psychle 2018
21:41:48 The Cyberiam Alice in Afterland 08:50 The Cyberiam 2018
21:53:24 Hadeon Sunrise 10:32 Sunrise 2017

Episode #65: Sisare – Leaving the Land

The February 5th episode of Music Unframed is featuring “Leaving the Land”, a year 2018 released album by “Sisare” from Finland. In this episode, you will also hear new Music by The Cyberiam, Servants of Science, Long Distance Calling, Kayak, Kilbey Kennedy, Isildurs Bane, Art of Illusion, Weend’o, Yesternight, The Black Noodle Project, Orpheus Nine, Perfect Beings, Joe Satrian and more!

Time Band Song Length Album Year
19:00:02 Sisare Escape 06:41 Leaving The Land 2018
19:11:34 The Cyberiam Alice in Afterland 08:50 The Cyberiam 2018
19:22:06 Servants of Science Peripheral 08:37 The Swan Song 2017
19:30:30 Long Distance Calling On the Verge 05:53 Boundless 2018
19:40:21 Kayak Walk Through Fire 10:16 Seventeen 2018
19:50:37 Kayak Ripples On The Water 03:32 Seventeen 2018
19:57:51 Sisare Pace 07:45 Leaving The Land 2018
20:08:31 Kilbey Kennedy The Game Never Changes 16:07 Glow And Fade 2017
20:26:09 Isildurs Bane Off The Radar 04:35 Off The Radar 2017
20:30:44 Marillion Don’t Hurt Yourself 05:40 Marbles in the Park 2017
20:38:30 Art of Illusion Ico 02:21 Cold War of Solipsism 2018
20:40:51 Art of Illusion Devious Savior 07:24 Cold War of Solipsism 2018
20:48:15 Weend’o Angel Dust 08:18 Time Of Awakening 2017
20:58:54 Yesternight To Be Free 05:04 The False Awakening 2017
21:03:58 The Black Noodle Project Ashes To Ashes 05:41 Divided We Fall 2017
21:10:50 Sisare Shattered 05:59 Leaving The Land 2018
21:19:36 Orpheus Nine Transcendental Circus I: Barcarolle of Bedlam 05:30 Transcendental Circus 2017
21:25:07 Orpheus Nine Transcendental Circus II: Hallowed Playground 04:14 Transcendental Circus 2017
21:29:21 Orpheus Nine Transcendental Circus III: Intergalactic Clown Festival 03:01 Transcendental Circus 2017
21:32:21 Orpheus Nine Transcendental Circus IV: Swimming in Our Four O’Clock Tea 02:51 Transcendental Circus 2017
21:35:12 Orpheus Nine Transcendental Circus V: Not Within the Memory of Elephants 03:01 Transcendental Circus 2017
21:38:13 Orpheus Nine Transcendental Circus VI: Freak Tent Mausoleum 02:55 Transcendental Circus 2017
21:42:25 IQ Frequency 08:23 Frequency 2009
21:52:52 Perfect Beings Guedra – A New Pyramid 04:56 Vier 2018
21:57:48 Perfect Beings Guedra – The Blue Lake of Understanding 02:55 Vier 2018
22:00:43 Perfect Beings Guedra – Patience 05:31 Vier 2018
22:06:14 Perfect Beings Guedra – Enter the Center 04:32 Vier 2018
22:12:52 Joe Satriani Cherry Blossoms 04:26 What Happens Next 2018
22:20:16 Sisare Perception 07:00 Leaving The Land 2018