Episode #124: Stuckfish – the Watcher & year end review part III

Stuckfish - the Watcher
19:07:40AnubisFool’s Gold06:25The Second Hand2017
19:16:04StuckfishThe Bridge (that spans the edge of time)05:37The Watcher2019
19:23:40No-ManLove You To Bits (Bit 1) (Edit)03:21Love You To Bits (Single Version)2019
19:27:01KloneYonder07:22Le Grand Voyage2019
19:34:23Taylor’s CodeDream Within A Dream05:24Dream Within A Dream2019
19:39:09Nine SkiesVestige01:18Sweetheart Grips2019
19:40:24Nine SkiesBurn my Brain (feat. Craig Blundell & Clive Nolan)06:43Sweetheart Grips2019
19:49:36StuckfishRun07:33The Watcher2019
19:58:14Frank Wyatt & FriendsZeitgeist07:49Zeitgeist2019
20:06:02Ariel LozaMor01:42Eiemel2019
20:07:45Ariel LozaI’d do it all again04:25Eiemel2019
20:12:10KloneHidden Passenger05:17Le Grand Voyage2019
20:19:30OctavariumOrigin III – Impossible03:12Origin2019
20:22:42Callooh CallayTreehouse06:17Astonishing Flow Of Time2019
20:24:45Callooh CallayTreehouse06:17Astonishing Flow Of Time2019
20:31:02Caravela EscarlateCaravela Escarlate04:35Caravela Escarlate2019
20:35:37Cassandra’s CurseDefiance05:49Groom Lake, Act 12019
20:41:26Chasing The MonsoonNo Ordinary World09:07No Ordinary World2019
20:50:33Cellar NoiseNautilus05:19Nautilus2019
20:55:52Cheeto’s MagazineClose Your Eyes05:10Amazingous2019
21:01:01Cirrus BayEden03:34The Art Of Vanishing2019
21:07:31StuckfishCarry On05:16The Watcher2019
21:14:04ClepsydraThe Spell06:36The Gap2019
21:20:40CosmografThe Smoke And The Flame06:38Mind Over Depth2019
21:27:17ChayanA Mythical Tale (Set In Modern Times)04:53Forgotten Dreams Of An Unbeliever2019
21:32:11Crayon PhaseThe Music Box08:34Two Hundred Pages2019
21:40:45CreaMillennium05:43Dwarves and Penguins2019
21:46:28CyrilThe Wasteland – Home Again06:33The Way Through2019
21:52:23Chris HarrisWe’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy03:16Beyond2019
21:55:40The CyberiamThe Butterfly Effect, Part 5: A New Reality06:21The Butterfly Effect (EP)2019
21:55:50The CyberiamThe Butterfly Effect, Part 5: A New Reality06:21The Butterfly Effect (EP)2019
22:05:49StuckfishThe Mirror05:45The Watcher2019
22:11:34StuckfishFallen Angels08:45The Watcher2019
Author: Munframed