Episode #103: “Marc Durkee – Remain In Stasis” & “Mangeur de Rêves – Histoires à l’envers”

19:00:41AnubisCrimson Stained Romance6:58Hitchhiking To Byzantium2014
19:12:49Slug ComparisonFine With It3:51When You Were Living Here2019
19:17:31Marc DurkeeThe Dark Dimension5:01Remain In Stasis2019
19:24:02Mangeur de RêvesHier0:37Histoires à l’envers2019
19:24:39Mangeur de RêvesDernier hiver4:24Histoires à l’envers2019
19:31:59Eris PluviaLa Chanson De Jeanne17:26Tales From Another Time2019
19:51:13MetaphorThe Open Road8:37The Pearl2019
20:04:25The Prophets Of ZarquonThe Gate5:30Eternal Skies2019
20:11:57Marc DurkeeA Way To Escape5:15Remain In Stasis2019
20:17:12Mangeur de RêvesAinsi parlait Pinel6:58Histoires à l’envers2019
20:25:45SylviumSignal To Noise9:13Waiting For The Noise2015
20:34:35ArenaMidas Vision4:34Songs From The Lions Cage1995
20:40:33MarillionWarm Wet Circles4:24Clutching at Straws1987
20:44:56TheoIdle Worship13:22Theo2015
20:59:54Stephen TarantoAporia2:23Permanence2019
21:02:17The Hope ArsenalReach For The Sun4:59Reach For The Sun (EP)2019
21:07:16Lost CrownsHousemaid’s Knees9:51Every Night Something Happens2019
21:16:35MoodManMan Of The New Age4:52Man Of The New Age2019
21:23:20Marc DurkeeMimesis3:51Remain In Stasis2019
21:27:11Marc DurkeeA Great Disdain3:55Remain In Stasis2019
21:32:32Franck CarducciJourney Through the Mind7:41Torn Apart2015
21:40:03Neo ProphetThe Genuine Me6:25T.I.M.E.2015
21:46:28EkosAstralis3:20Otra Dimension2017
21:51:52Mangeur de RêvesEnfants de coeur6:07Histoires à l’envers2019
22:00:41Marc DurkeeStasis4:58Remain In Stasis2019
Author: Munframed