Episode #104: “Amalgam Effect – Sketches”

19:05:29AnubisThe Collapse12:102305032010
19:19:44Amalgam EffectSketches I-II: Making Them Feel / Success (Moreoverture)9:23Sketches2019
19:30:53JadisAnimated5:32Medium Rare II2019
19:36:25WindCryptomedia3:03Keeping Me Occupied2019
19:41:10Caravela EscarlateUm Brilho Fragil no Infinito5:10Caravela Escarlate2019
19:46:20Paul D’AdamoGames Without Frontiers4:35Rawfully Organic2019
19:50:54Sid VisionFor The Kids4:52Feverish2019
19:57:57Amalgam EffectSketches III-V: Retail Robot / Rising to Incompetence / No Glass Ceiling8:07Sketches2019
20:07:10TheoIdle Worship13:22Theo2015
20:21:34The Neal Morse BandA Love That Never Dies7:37The Great Adventure2019
20:30:08AirbagHomesick I-III16:56All Rights Removed2011
20:48:47CamelMystic Queen5:29Camel1973
20:54:16SilhouetteWhen Snow’s Falling Down7:03Across The Rubicon2012
21:01:20ITDown the Hatch5:29We’re All in This Together2017
21:08:12Amalgam EffectSketches VI-VII: Nothing to Lose / War Song10:37Sketches2019
21:19:39RPWLUnchain the Earth (The Scientist)7:02Beyond Man and Time2011
21:26:41ArenaNo Change Encounter4:30The Unquiet Sky2015
21:32:08WindHome Town5:03Keeping Me Occupied2019
21:37:11JadisThere’s A Light (Live 2018)5:37Medium Rare II2019
21:43:46Lee AbrahamHarbour Lights6:56The Seasons Turn2016
21:54:37Amalgam EffectSketches XI-XII: But a Beast / I Will7:57Sketches2019
Author: Munframed