Lion Shepherd - III

Episode #109: “Lion Shepherd – III”

19:22:03AnubisTightening of the Screws6:37Hitchhiking to Byzantium2014
19:30:21Lion ShepherdUninvited7:26III
19:38:49CyrilThe Gate6:25The Way Through2019
19:44:36The TirithKalaya9:14A Leap Into The Dark2019
19:56:03This Winter MachineJustified4:34A Tower Of Clocks2019
20:00:38Callooh CallayGive7:48Astonishing Flow Of Time2019
20:10:55Lion ShepherdWhat Went Wrong5:07III2019
20:17:20The TirithAnd The Wind Will Come4:38A Leap Into The Dark2019
20:21:57Midnight SunClouds8:10Dark Tide Rising2019
20:31:12Mother of MillionsAmber5:53Artifacts2019
20:37:05CyrilThe Wasteland – Home Again6:33The Way Through2019
20:43:46Lion ShepherdVulnerable8:06III2019
20:53:23The GluttonHoles in Time5:01Eating Music2019
20:58:23The Samurai Of ProgThe Spirits Around Us5:50Toki No Kaze2019
21:04:13Eveline’s DustFaintly Fallin4:35K.2019
21:08:48CosmografSharks8:07Mind Over Depth2019
21:16:55United Progressive FraternityDying to be Reborn5:13Planetary Overload: Loss2019
21:23:42Lion ShepherdNobody4:29III2019
21:28:11Lion ShepherdFallen Tree6:35III2019
21:36:41LoonyparkWe Don’t Wanna Die5:22Deep Space Eight2019
21:57:06Lion ShepherdToxic4:52III2019
22:01:58LoonyparkThe Space Between Us4:32Deep Space Eight2019

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