Episode #115: “Freedom To Glide – Seed”

freedom to glide seed
19:00:05AnubisBlood Is Thicker Than Common Sense8:43Hitchhiking To Byzantium2014
19:11:48Freedom To GlideSeed0:52SEED2019
19:12:39Freedom To GlideHolding On5:06SEED2019
19:21:29Monolith OrchestraThreshold Of Eternity / The Prophets6:0121st Century Apocalypse2019
19:27:30Monolith OrchestraComet2:4721st Century Apocalypse2019
19:30:17Three ThirteenGetting Things Going4:32Up The Downslide2019
19:34:50Three ThirteenAt The Easel6:29Up The Downslide2019
19:41:19Telescope RoadCrystal Revenge7:57Telescope Road2019
19:49:16RedshiftPsychedelic Shamans of Rhyme3:49Redshift2019
19:53:05Atomic TimeRobot Can Lie6:27Out Of The Loop2019
19:59:33Tony Patterson & Doug MelbourneAntarctica6:31The Divide2019
20:08:44Tony Patterson & Doug MelbourneAntarctica6:31The Divide2019
20:09:10Freedom To GlideNo Turning Back4:18SEED2019
20:16:29Lobate ScarpNothing Wrong6:51Nothing Wrong (CD Single)2019
20:25:29StuckfishThe Bridge (that spans the edge of time)6:05The Watcher2019
20:25:31MAGIC PIEP&C5:40Fragments Of The 5th Element2019
20:31:02StuckfishThe Bridge (that spans the edge of time)6:05The Watcher2019
20:31:05Last in LineStarmaker5:13Heavy Crown2016
20:38:46Atomic TimeShooting Star8:40Out Of The Loop2019
20:48:04Freedom To GlideUndertones Of War4:38SEED2019
20:52:41Grand TourTime Runs Out9:35Heavy On the Beach2015
21:03:29Rosalie CunninghamButterflies2:41Rosalie Cunningham2019
21:06:10United Progressive FraternityThe Great Reward5:28Romantechs: Reimagine2019
21:12:43SiXforNinECounting Stars9:09Parallel Universe2019
21:21:52Tony Patterson & Doug MelbourneMaking It Great Again6:08The Divide2019
21:28:52Freedom To GlideThe Space Between The Lines6:17SEED2019
21:35:56Beyond The BridgeThe Call6:33The Old Man And The Spirit2011
21:42:29Audrey Fall19447:08Mitau2014
21:49:38Roine StoltThe Sounds of Violence5:28The Flower King1994
21:58:13Freedom To GlideBroken Road7:30SEED2019
22:05:43Freedom To GlideDear May2:31SEED2019
22:08:14Freedom To GlideSeed Of Hope0:57SEED2019
22:09:11Rick WakemanThe Pyramids of Egypt7:03Friends & Relatives Disc 11998
Author: Munframed