Episode #116: “Hemina – Night Echoes “

"Hemina - Night Echoes "
19:11:27AnubisThese Changing Seasons III7:17The Second Hand2017
19:22:58HeminaThe Only Way5:23Night Echoes2019
19:29:10Beyond The BridgeThe Call6:33The Old Man And The Spirit2011
19:35:43Drifting SunEverlasting Creed10:01Planet Junkie2019
19:47:03Mother MorganaIgnition5:12Endonautica2019
19:52:15Ealdor BealuFire Bird6:32Spirit of the Lonely Places2019
20:00:36The Tea ClubThe Way You Call2:22If/When2019
20:02:58The Tea ClubSay Yes4:09If/When2019
20:07:0725 Yard ScreamerThe Storyteller7:45Natural Satellite2019
20:16:55Magic PieThe Man Who Had It All5:30Fragments of the 5th Element2019
20:33:09HeminaWe Will4:02Night Echoes2019
20:37:12VoyagerAs the City Takes the Night6:21Ghost Mile2017
20:43:33Caligula’s HorseFill My Heart6:37In Contact2017
20:50:10ArcanePromise (Part 2)8:37Known/Learned2015
21:00:34HeadspaceSemaphore5:37All That You Fear Is Gone2016
21:06:10United Progressive FraternityOne More2:34Planetary Overload: Loss2019
21:08:44Big Big TrainTheodora in Green and Gold5:13Grand Tour2019
21:13:58HeminaFlat5:32Night Echoes2019
21:21:07Mind KeyAngry Men5:20MK III – Aliens in Wonderland2019
21:26:26This Winter MachineFlying3:28A Tower Of Clocks2019
21:29:54JadisWhat Kind Of Reason8:01Fanatic2003
21:39:15HeminaIn Technicolour9:27Night Echoes2019
21:49:37The Tea ClubSinking Ship3:11If/When2019
21:52:4825 Yard ScreamerWhile We Are6:18Natural Satellite2019
21:59:06LeprousAcquired Taste5:05Bilateral2011
22:06:31HeminaFlicker5:36Night Echoes2019
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2 thoughts on “Episode #116: “Hemina – Night Echoes “

  1. You got the name ‘Hemina’ right first up (that’s rare)! Thanks so much for feauturing our album, Mohsen.
    To add to your Anubis coincidence, I actually play in that band too 😀
    Thanks again.


    1. OMG between so many spam I just saw your message! Love Anubis, Hemina, and everything about them! I hadn’t even check the band members of Hemina, now I know why I love it so much! Thank you Douglas for your comment. It means a lot to your biggest fan in the whole universe!!! who doesn’t know what bands you are playing in :)))

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