Episode #118: “Lee Abraham – Comatose”

Lee Abraham - Comatose
19:36:19AnubisSilent Wandering Ghosts6:52Hitchhiking to Byzantium2014
19:45:17Lee AbrahamNumb, Pt. 111:15Comatose2019
19:58:37Flying ColorsThe Loss Inside5:45Third Degree2019
20:04:22Yogi LangMove On9:20A Way Out Of Here2019
20:13:43EloyAn Instant of Relief…Still the War Rages On6:23The Vision, The Sword & The Pyre (Part 2)2019
20:21:35Lee AbrahamAscend The Sky5:16Comatose2019
20:28:49OpethGarden of Earthly Delights3:23In Cauda Venenum2019
20:32:12OpethDignity6:34In Cauda Venenum2019
20:38:46IQA Missile6:38Resistance2019
20:45:24Knight AreaNew Horizon6:22D-Day2019
20:53:29Lee AbrahamNo Going Back6:14Comatose2019
21:00:38Flying ColorsMore7:05Third Degree2019
21:08:48League of LightsShockwave4:05In The In Between2019
21:12:53Kindred SpiritNo Smoke Without Fire4:38Elemental2019
21:18:42Doug Woods and Colin PowellBlockbuster7:25The Grand Theatre2019
21:27:00Kaprekar’s ConstantHolywell Street4:36Depth Of Field2019
21:32:27Yogi LangShine On Me5:37A Way Out Of Here2019
21:38:04Nova CascadeEcho & Narcissus.4:05A Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows2019
21:43:24Summer Breeze ProjectHollow4:33Neon2019
21:47:56Lost Chords, TheLove Deluxe3:53Love Deluxe (CDS)2019
21:55:35Lee AbrahamAwaken?7:17Comatose2019
Author: Munframed