Episode #119: “Moonrise – Travel Within” and “Karfagen – Echoes from Within Dragon Island”

Moonrise - Travel Within
AnubisThe Deepest Wound4:162305032010
AnubisLeaving Here Tonight4:422305032010
MoonriseDive7:03Travel Within2019
KarfagenDragon Island Suite (Part 1)17:17Echoes from Within Dragon Island2019
Flying ColorsGeronimo5:21Third Degree2019
MoonriseLet It Flow6:10Stopover-Life2012
OSIThe Escape Artist5:49Blood2009
Vanden PlasScar Of An Angel7:23The Seraphic Clockwork2010
MoonriseLittle Stone4:29Travel Within2019
KarfagenDragon Island Suite (Part 2)18:34Echoes from Within Dragon Island2019
Demons & WizardsDown Where I Am4:40Touched by the Crimson King2005
Mostly AutumnHammerdown5:59Sight of Day2017
JadisMore Than Meets the Eye2:56View from Above2003
Southern EmpireDreams & Machines5:00Southern Empire2015
Drifting SunLife1:21Planet Junie2019
Drifting SunNight Time Sorrow3:01Planet Junie2019
Nili BroshPrimal Feels4:43Primal Feels2019
MoonriseLike An Arrow9:30Travel Within2019
KarfagenIncantation (Part 1)6:23Echoes from Within Dragon Island2019
LeprousI Lose Hope4:30Pitfalls2019
Hasse Froberg & Musical CompanionAll Those Faces4:47Parallel Life2019
Flying ColorsLove Letter4:56Third Degree2019
The Flower KingsBlack Flag7:14Black Flag2019
Green Desert TreeA Glimpse Of Eternity8:52Progressive Worlds2019
Nth AscensionReconciled10:08Stranger than Fiction2019
MoonriseCalling Your Number7:03Travel Within2019
KarfagenDragon Island Suite (Part 1)17:10Echoes from Within Dragon Island2019
Author: Munframed