Episode #120: “Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion – Parallel Life” and “Dandelion Charm – Maybe Dreamers”

HFMC - ParallelLife
19:12:09Hasse Froberg & Musical CompanionParallel Life (A Prophet’s Escape / To Change / You and Life / Hand to the Sky / An Otherworldly Purpose / A Choice Moment)21:42Parallel Life2019
19:35:22Dandelion CharmThe Cult of More1:38Maybe Dreamers2019
19:37:00Dandelion CharmStephanie4:29Maybe Dreamers2019
19:43:27VoyagerColours4:26Colours in the Sun2019
19:47:53Lacuna CoilAnima Nera2:15Black Anima2019
19:50:08Lacuna CoilSword of Anger3:50Black Anima2019
20:00:54Hasse Froberg & Musical CompanionSleeping With The Ghost5:25Parallel Life2019
20:06:18Dandelion CharmMaybe Dreamers6:44Maybe Dreamers2019
20:15:11TThe End Of Always13:56Solipsystemology2019
20:29:07Bruce SoordOur Gravest Threat Apart4:05All This will be Yours2019
20:33:12ArenaUnexpected Dawn3:47The Unquiet Sky2015
20:37:00SylvanShare The World With Me – Part 12:30Sceneries2012
20:39:30SylvanShare The World With Me, Part 23:46Sceneries2012
20:43:15SylvanShare The World With Me, Part 34:22Sceneries2012
20:47:38SylvanShare The World With Me, Part 44:19Sceneries2012
20:54:25MonomythAuster8:45Orbis Quadrantis2019
21:03:57Hasse Froberg & Musical CompanionRain8:10Parallel Life2019
21:12:07Dandelion CharmNot Just a Kiss4:03Maybe Dreamers2019
21:16:56Porcupine TreeThe Sound Of Muzak4:55The Sound Of Muzak2003
21:21:51Crayon PhaseThe Music Box8:34Two Hundred Pages2019
21:30:25Dream TheaterThe Gift of Music3:58The Astonishing2016
21:35:44AnubisLeaving Here Tonight4:422305032010
21:40:26InVertigoWasting Time8:48InMotion2019
21:52:27Dandelion CharmIsolate Resolve6:14Maybe Dreamers2019
21:58:41Hasse Froberg & Musical CompanionNever Alone8:19Parallel Life2019
22:07:00Dandelion CharmFlicker4:18Maybe Dreamers2019
Author: Munframed