Episode #121: Adventure – New Horizon & year end review part I

Adventure - New Horizon

In this episode, we are featuring “New Horizon”, the year 2019 released album by “Adventure” from Norway. It is the first part of the year end review too, covering bands that had new albums in year 2019 whose name starts with letter A.

19:20:21Freedom To GlideThe Space Between The Lines06:07SEED2019
19:29:02AdventureSlow Fanfare01:58New Horizon2019
19:31:00AdventureDestiny04:31New Horizon2019
19:35:29VoyagerColours04:02Colours in the Sun2019
19:41:09Bjorn RiisIcarus06:53A Storm Is Coming2019
19:48:02Nomadic HorizonAbove Ground05:19Crushing Time2019
19:55:32AlphaJorgeHidden Garden12:09Storm Ahead2019
20:09:44Yogi LangI’ll Be There For You05:13A Way Out Of Here2019
20:14:57RPWLCrazy Lane04:36God Has Failed2000
20:19:33Yuval RonKuiper Belt08:21Somewhere in This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum2019
20:27:54Fernando PerdomoFive Four02:48Out To Sea 22019
20:33:21AdventureHorizon07:12New Horizon2019
20:40:28VoyagerSeveromance04:19Colours in the Sun2019
20:52:4925 Yard ScreamerA Space Where Someone Should Be09:10Natural Satellite2019
21:01:46Adrian BelewAlthough03:39Pop Sided2019
21:05:25Amalgam EffectSketches IX: Forever Broken06:12Sketches2019
21:11:37Andrew RoussakChasing Shadows04:25Storm Warning2019
21:16:01Arcade MessiahNo Dishonour03:48Diagnosis2019
21:19:49Atomic TimeRivers06:51Out Of The Loop2019
21:26:40Apostles of ChaosDrifter04:38What’s Inside?2019
21:31:18AynoCombien Je Vous Dois_03:511112019
21:35:09AvantasiaBook of Shallows (feat. Hansi Kürsch , Ronnie Atkins , Jorn Lande & Mille Petrozza)04:51Moonglow2019
21:44:05VoyagerSaccharine Dream05:23Colours in the Sun2019
21:49:28AdventureLighthouse08:59New Horizon2019
21:58:16Voyager/Einar SolbergEntropy04:42Colours in the Sun2019
22:02:58VoyagerRunaway04:32Colours in the Sun2019
22:11:28AdventureFor The Fallen01:44New Horizon2019
22:13:12AdventureRefugees06:49New Horizon2019
Author: Munframed