Episode #129: 2019 Year-End Review – Part VIII

Music Unframed

This is the third episode in year 2020, to review best of year 2019 alphabetically.

19:00:05AnubisBlackout7:44The Second Hand2017
19:09:47OceanicaStart From The Start4:22OneDark2019
19:14:10OctavariumOrigin III – Impossible3:12Origin2019
19:17:22OpethAll Things Will Pass8:14In Cauda Venenum2019
19:25:36Orion 2.0Run for Life5:49Virtual Human2019
19:31:25OTRMr. Fortune Teller5:28OTR2019
19:36:53Overworld DreamsBetween The Scenes4:34Gateway2019
19:43:12RedemptionSomeone Else’s Problem6:52Long Night’s Journey into Day2018
19:50:05Eric BauleTouching The Earth4:16Revelations Adrift2015
19:55:24Pattern-Seeking AnimalsFall Away4:48Pattern-Seeking Animals2019
20:00:11Paul D’AdamoGames Without Frontiers4:35Rawfully Organic2019
20:03:21Paul GilbertLet that battery die6:06Behold Electric Guitar2019
20:09:27Perfect EraLost Again5:07Beneath The Clouds We Dream2019
20:14:34Peter GabrielNocturnal3:39Rated PG2019
20:18:13Phil Keaggy & Rex PaulTime4:17Illumination2019
20:22:30Pi MezonHear the Raving4:57New World2019
20:27:27Projekt GemineyeChildren Of Hope4:53In The Year 3073, Book 12019
20:32:22ProtomythosEvolve5:12Heavy Crowns2019
20:44:49Bent KneeCatch Light (Album version)4:35You Know What They Mean2019
20:50:24QueensrycheDark Reverie4:17The Verdict2019
20:55:28Ray AlderA Beautiful Lie4:02What The Water Wants2019
20:59:30Red BazarThe Parting4:47Things As They Appear2019
21:04:16Red SandAll The Life8:22Forsaken2019
21:12:38RedshiftGypsy Woman Blues5:23Redshift2019
21:18:02The RoomJust Walk Away5:10Caught By The Machine2019
21:23:12RPWLWhat I Really Need5:07Tales From Outer Space2019
21:28:18Rise TwainThe Range4:33Rise Twain2019
21:32:51Rainbow Danger ClubHomemade Rocket4:20Treehouse Empire2019
21:37:11Red CainBlood & Gold4:21Kindred: Act I2019
21:44:34Seven Steps To The Green DoorA Dream That Strayed I4:22The ? Lie2019
21:48:56Seven Steps To The Green DoorA Dream That Strayed II3:20The Lie2019
21:51:59Shumaun Central Station4:27One Day Closer to Yesterday 2019
Author: Munframed