Episode #130: 2019 Year-End Review – Part IX

Music Unframed

This is the ninth episode to review best of year 2019 alphabetically.

19:05:10Sid VisionFor The Kids04:52Feverish2019
19:07:18Sid VisionFor The Kids04:52Feverish2019
19:12:10SiXforNinECounting Stars09:09Parallel Universe2019
19:21:19Slug ComparisonFine With It03:54When You Were Living Here2019
19:25:13SolarisRadioscope (1926 Marcius 20)03:45Nostradamus 2, Returnity2019
19:28:59SoulsplitterThe Eye Of The Cyclone04:34Salutogenesis2019
19:33:33SoundDiaryTime Lapse-Got It03:37Anamnesis – Letter in a Bottle2019
19:41:10Steve HackettUnder The Eye Of The Sun06:57At The Edge Of Light2019
19:48:07Steve HughesFull Head Of Steam04:28From The River To The Sea (Refloated)2019
19:52:35Steve KatsikasAcross The Universe04:01Hidden Village2019
19:56:37Steve UnruhSend the Sunshine05:37Precipice2019
20:02:15Stewart ClarkUnwind04:04And Then There Was Me…2019
20:06:19Strawberry GirlsAngel Dust03:31Tasmanian Glow2019
20:09:50StuckfishThe Bridge (that spans the edge of time)05:37The Watcher2019
20:15:27Summer Breeze ProjectBroken Water06:45Neon2019
20:22:11Sunset MissionWinter Sun03:41Journey to Lunar Castellum2019
20:25:52The Samurai Of ProgThe Spirits Around Us05:50Toki No Kaze2019
20:31:43The Steve Bonino ProjectUnder the Dome03:39Stargazer 22019
20:37:37Flying ColorsMore07:05Third Degree2019
20:44:42LeprousThe Sky Is Red10:58Pitfalls2019
21:02:46Taylor’s CodeSurprise03:57Dream Within A Dream2019
21:06:42TeramazeM.O.N.S.T.E.R.S.05:39Are We Soldiers2019
21:11:03TercerdiaMartires Del Amor04:19Mira Sin Mirar2019
21:15:22ThenighttimeprojectBinary04:54Pale Season2019
21:20:15This Winter MachineJustified04:34A Tower Of Clocks2019
21:24:49Three ThirteenLast Home05:14Up The Downslide2019
21:30:04Tim BownessGhostlike04:50Flowers At The Scene2019
21:34:54ToolPneuma11:54Fear Inoculum2019
21:46:47The Tea ClubCame at a Loss04:07If/When2019
21:50:54The TirithThe Scare04:29A Leap Into The Dark2019
21:58:28RiversideVale of Tears04:43Wasteland2018
Author: Munframed