Episode #131: 2019 Year-End Review – Part X

Music Unframed

This is the final episode to review best of year 2019 alphabetically.

19:05:34Until RainRunning04:51Season V2019
19:10:26Udo LangCounting By The Rule04:16Private Galaxy2019
19:14:41United Progressive FraternityStop Time06:54Planetary Overload: Loss2019
19:22:41StuckfishThe Watcher06:26The Watcher2019
19:29:08CosmografStuck in the Wood06:18Capacitor2014
19:36:51VakAu Fond des Creuses08:18Budo2019
19:45:09Vanden PlasCold December Night07:15The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening2019
19:52:24The VaultWhite Raven05:13Chapter I: Glass Tides2019
19:57:37VoyagerBrightstar04:27Colours in the Sun2019
20:03:51Roine StoltThe Sounds of Violence05:28The Flower King1994
20:09:20Richie KotzenDevils Hand07:3550 for 502020
20:16:54Sabaton/ApocalypticaAngels Calling05:47
20:24:05WarmRainA Hundred Miles High05:20Back Above The Clouds (2)2019
20:29:25Welcome Inside The BrainCall Me A Liar04:49Queen Of The Day Flies2019
20:32:08WindReflection05:37Keeping Me Occupied2019
20:39:30VandenbergBurning Heart04:09Vandenberg1982
20:48:21Xavier AsaliFearless05:03Perspectives2019
20:53:24Yogi LangI’ll Be There For You05:13A Way Out Of Here2019
20:58:37Yuval RonGravitational Lensing06:39Somewhere in This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum2019
21:05:16Zonder/WehrkampIf It’s Real05:18If It’s Real2019
21:13:03Yuval RonGravitational Lensing06:39Somewhere in This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum2019
21:13:16Zonder/WehrkampIf It’s Real05:18If It’s Real2019
21:13:1735 TapesMushrooms19:22Lost & Found2019
21:34:19Hats Off Gentlemen It’s AdequateNostalgia For Infinity06:39Nostalgia For Infinity2020
21:42:33EchorecSeasons Change04:02The Island2019
21:46:36MarillionSeasons End07:54With Friends from the Orchestra2019
21:55:21The Sea WithinThe Void04:40The Sea Within (Deluxe Edition)2018
22:04:28AyreonThe Garden Of Emotions (Instrumental)09:35Into the Electric Castle [20th Anniversary Edition]1998
22:14:06SylvanTransitory Times04:03Presets2015
Author: Munframed