Episode #132: Elysian Fields – Revelation

Elysian Fields - Revelation
19:05:14AnubisThe Second Hand06:13The Second Hand2017
19:12:58Elysian FieldsRevelation06:12Revelation2020
19:21:077th OvertureStory of ‘Innocents’, Pt. 108:04These Words Remain2020
19:28:577th OvertureStory of ‘Innocents’, Pt. 212:12These Words Remain2020
19:42:30My Arrival(Intro) Ending Theme01:53Satur9 & Indigo2020
19:44:24My ArrivalGone03:38Satur9 & Indigo2020
19:49:26Geoff BaroneThe Sky Looks Different Here04:38The Darkest of Summers2020
19:54:04Geoff BaroneSidewalk05:01The Darkest Of Summers2020
19:59:51Elysian FieldsEnigma07:03Revelation2020
20:07:49Drowning StepsThe Echo of a Distant Past09:23The Echo of a Distant Past2020
20:19:017th OvertureFinal Hours09:06These Words Remain2020
20:30:48John HoldenDark Arts07:01Rise and Fall2019
20:39:46SectileBoreal Void07:10Falls Apart2020
20:45:53SectileDying Of The Lights: Purpose / Silence / Aethernity12:49Falls Apart2020
21:06:18My ArrivalSaturn & Indigo04:14Satur9 & Indigo2020
21:30:13My ArrivalFull Dark No Stars03:10Satur9 & Indigo2020
21:33:22M-OpusEmergency Exit02:12Origins2020
21:35:34LazuliLes chansons sont des bouteilles a la mer06:08Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Bohm2020
21:49:00Rick MillerThe Need to Believe05:33Belief in the Machine2020
21:57:21Elysian FieldsU.F.O.07:19Revelation2020
Author: Munframed