Episode #133: Mangala Vallis – Voices

Mangala Vallis - Voices

In episode 133, we are featuring “Voices”, a year 2020 released album by “Mangala Vallis” from Italy.

19:04:02AnubisTightening Of The Screws06:37Hitchhiking To Byzantium2014
19:14:17Mangala VallisThe centre of life04:46Voices2020
19:20:29My Arrival(Intro) Ending Theme01:53Satur9 & Indigo2020
19:22:22My ArrivalGone03:38Satur9 & Indigo2020
19:25:59Long EarthWe Own Tomorrow07:52Once Around the Sun2020
19:35:47RantamaDying Star09:12Rantama2020
19:46:20Eternal DoubtTwilight of The Northern Portal07:18Tales of Roland Tebute2020
19:55:22Discipline.Canto IV (Limbo)13:38Unfolded Like Staircase1997
20:11:07Mangala VallisNo reason06:45Voices2020
20:19:15My ArrivalStrange Machine05:22Satur9 & Indigo2020
20:25:237th OvertureThis Cold Darkness07:54These Words Remain2020
20:34:17Eternal DoubtDevil’s Peak06:10Tales of Roland Tebute2020
20:41:45Rope and LadderThe Invasion06:29Rope and Ladder2020
20:49:10Mangala VallisGet it while you can06:11Voices2020
20:56:59Frutería ToñiEl traspié08:33El Porvenir Está en las Huevas2020
21:06:27LightTime And Space06:41The Miracle Of Life2020
21:14:13WOLFPAKKLone Ranger04:40Nature Strikes Back2020
21:19:46Orange ClocksFloating Temple04:53Metamorphic2020
21:24:39Orange ClocksAmmonite03:05Metamorphic2020
21:29:14Mangala VallisDemon07:15Voices2020
21:37:35Rope and LadderDust08:43Rope and Ladder2020
21:46:18My ArrivalClose Your Eyes04:50Satur9 & Indigo2020
21:51:07Psychotic WaltzSisters Of The Dawn06:35The God-Shaped Void2020
22:01:55Mangala VallisSour04:45Voices2020
Author: Munframed