Anubis - Homeless

Episode #134: Anubis – Homeless

In episode 134, I am featuring “Homeless”, a year 2020 released album by “Anubis” from Australia.

19:23:38The Bardic DepthsBiting Coals07:43The Bardic Depths2020
19:32:11Crayon PhaseTwo Hundred Pages11:38Two Hundred Pages2019
19:43:42EchorecThe Island05:46The Island2019
19:49:28EchorecWinds of Time07:24The Island2019
20:05:13Quel Che Disse Il TuonoFiglio Dell’Uomo (Secondo Specchio)09:19Il Velo dei Riflessi2020
20:14:32NovenaDisconnected05:14Eleventh Hour2020
20:19:46MindtechThe Big Question05:52Omnipresence2020
20:27:13Long EarthWe Own Tomorrow07:52Once Around the Sun2020
20:35:05The Bardic DepthsDepths Of Soul06:22The Bardic Depths2020
20:48:23IQPerfect Space08:30Resistance2019
20:57:59Psychotic WaltzIn The Silence04:57The God-Shaped Void2020
21:02:56Psychotic WaltzA Psychotic Waltz06:05A Social Grace1990
21:11:12EchorecThe Lamb Returns17:08The Island2019
21:29:27AnubisThe Tables Have Turned04:18Homeless2020
21:33:45Pure Reason RevolutionNew Obsession05:07Eupnea2020
21:38:52FoschiaEntrance09:49Dalla città al cielo2020
21:48:40FoschiaIl Viaggio03:00Dalla città al cielo2020
21:51:40Long EarthSummer07:27Once Around the Sun2020

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