Episode #141: “Fish on Friday – Black Rain” and “The Animal State – Genus”

Fish on Friday - The Animal State

In episode 141, “Fish on Friday (Belgium) – Black Rain” and “The Animal State (UK) – Genus” are featured. There is also a relatively short “Dreamtime” set in this episode you can enjoy!

19:06:31Fish on FridayLife in Towns05:30Black Rain2020
19:12:01The Animal StateBucephalus11:23Genus2020
19:25:01Mandoki Soulmates & Ian AndersonWe Say Thank You03:24We Say Thank You2020
19:29:18Now in ColourLove, Don’t Fail Me Now!05:28Now in Colour2019
19:36:18MagoriaWhitechapel02:52JrR1888 (1)2019
19:39:10MagoriaLegend Of The Serial Killer Scene.07:49JrR1888 (1)2019
19:48:20Kristoffer GildenlöwLike Father Like Son04:04Homebound2020
19:52:24MetronhommeI treni di Gabo03:2942020
19:55:53NyxemDivine Madness05:27Behind the Veil of Light2020
20:03:20Fish on FridayMurderous Highland Highway08:13Black Rain2020
20:12:26The Animal StateTalon09:29Genus2020
20:24:08Pattern-Seeking AnimalsRaining Hard in Heaven08:26Prehensile Tales2020
20:34:08Gravity MachineDreamtime04:47Red2020
20:38:54AyreonDreamtime04:14The Final Experiment (Bonus Acoustic Disc)1995
20:54:59Fish on FridayBlack Rain04:43Black Rain2020
21:00:28Blind EgoHeading For The Stars05:30Preaching to the Choir2020
21:05:58AirbagSunsets07:41A Day at the Beach2020
21:22:30OakThe Sea08:37Lighthouse2013
21:32:10The Animal StateHowl09:10Genus2020
21:41:26Fish on FridayWe’ve Come Undone05:05Black Rain2020
21:47:29Pattern-Seeking AnimalsLifeboat17:11Prehensile Tales2020
22:07:28Fish on FridayDiamonds04:15Black Rain2020
Author: Munframed