Episode #143: “Wave – Dream” and “Cryptex – Once Upon a Time”

Wave - Dream

In episode 143, “Wave (Poland) – Dream” and “Cryptex (Germany) – Once Upon a Time” are featured. You can also find many new releases and pre-releases in this episode!

19:00:21AnubisFadeout… A King With No Crown07:21Hitchhiking to Byzantium2014
19:09:10WavePavement Reefs06:41Dream2020
19:15:51CryptexOnce Upon A Time04:01Once Upon a Time2020
19:20:52JalayanIshtar Gate05:33Sonic Drive2019
19:26:25NyxemRa in Thy Rising05:57Behind the Veil of Light2020
19:33:18Caligula’s HorseSlow Violence04:24Rise Radiant2020
19:37:42Time PrimerAll Is Lost05:57Single2020
19:43:39Psychotic WaltzI Remember05:13A Social Grace1990
19:50:51Inter ArmaThe Long Road Home10:02Sky Burial2013
20:00:52A Whisper In The NoiseAs We Were05:11Dry Land2007
20:13:48CryptexBloodmoon05:01Once Upon a Time2020
20:19:54TranscendWhere Are You Now?07:16Balance i (EP)2020
20:27:10Shaman ElephantSteely Dan03:49Wide Awake But Still Asleep2020
20:31:00Nick D’VirgilioMoney (That’s What I Want)04:42Invisible2020
20:35:42MarholdWhirls in the Sky03:26A Homemade World2020
20:39:08Caligula’s HorseSalt07:36Rise Radiant2020
20:48:56Emerald MindEarly Morning05:43Civilization2015
20:54:39Yogi LangEarly Morning Light06:19A Way Out Of Here2019
21:00:59The WhoEarly Morning Cold Taxi03:25The Who Sell Out1967
21:05:23WaveSo Cold07:05Dream2020
21:12:15CryptexBody Language04:04Once Upon a Time2020
21:17:15KarmamoiThe Day Is Done06:35The Day Is Done2018
21:23:50Lee AbrahamDistant Days06:36Distant Days (Extended Edition)2018
21:40:24CryptexI See It In Your Eyes02:58Once Upon a Time2020
21:44:33Drifting SunWithin Your Bones04:12Planet Junie2019
21:48:45CreaWalk into Bright Lights08:21Dwarves and Penguins2019
Author: Munframed