Episode #146: “Airbag – A Day at the Beach”

Airbag - A Day at the Beach

In episode 146, “Airbag (Norway) – A Day at the Beach” is featured. You can also find many of your favorite neo-prog tracks in this episode!

19:09:20AirbagMachines and Men10:33A Day at the Beach2020
19:22:00Zip TangMoonwatcher04:57Cold Coming2020
19:26:57Lufeh BateraMy World04:47Luggage Falling Down2020
19:33:37The Pineapple ThiefDemons04:14Versions of the Truth2020
19:37:51Roger WatersTwo Suns in the Sunset05:55Mother (EP)2020
19:43:47Dean MadomiaLight Of Love08:01My Calliope2020
19:53:08AirbagA Day at the Beach (Part 1)03:38A Day at the Beach2020
19:57:43Different LightAmphibians08:48Binary Suns (Part 1: Operant Condition)2020
20:06:31Steve RotheryMorpheus (feat. Steve Hackett)07:24The Ghosts of Pripyat2014
20:13:54Ray WilsonInside03:49The Next Best Thing2004
20:17:43Riverside02 Panic Room04:07Reality Dream Disc 12008
20:21:51Porcupine TreeStars Die04:57The Sky Moves Sideways1995
20:26:48RPWLA New World08:31Tales From Outer Space2019
20:37:17AirbagSunsets08:01A Day at the Beach2020
20:46:59The Pineapple ThiefPart Zero07:223000 Days2009
20:54:21Bruce SoordAll This Will Be Yours05:48All This Will Be Yours2019
21:00:09Steven WilsonNowhere Now04:00To The Bone2017
21:04:08BlackfieldMy Gift of Silence03:59Blackfield II2007
21:09:48AirbagA Day at the Beach (Part 2)05:25A Day at the Beach2020
21:16:48AirbagSteal My Soul07:40Identity2009
21:24:28AnathemaRegret07:51Alternative 41998
21:32:18MysteryThrough Different Eyes – v) The Silent Scream05:57One Among the Living2010
21:38:16Lonely RobotHow Bright Is The Sun05:39Under Stars (CD Gatefold Edition)2019
21:43:55SylvanShare The World With Me – Part 102:30Sceneries2012
21:46:25SylvanShare The World With Me, Part 203:46Sceneries2012
21:50:11SylvanShare The World With Me, Part 304:22Sceneries2012
21:54:33SylvanShare The World With Me, Part 404:19Sceneries2012
22:02:43AirbagMegalomaniac09:17A Day at the Beach2020
22:12:00GazpachoUpside Down09:42Night2007
22:21:41AirbagSafe Like You07:48Identity2009
22:29:29Big Big TrainThe Second Brightest Star07:02The Second Brightest Star2017
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