Episode #149: “Long Distance Calling – How Do We Want To Live?” & “Randy McStine – Idle”

In episode 149, “Long Distance Calling – How Do We Want To Live?” & “Randy McStine – Idle” is featured.

19:09:16Long Distance CallingCuriosity07:12How Do We Want To Live?2020
19:16:28Randy McStineSun in My Eyes04:29Idle2020
19:22:17Fire GardenIdiot Brain (feat. Adam Holzman)05:57Point Blank2020
19:28:13FroggPrelude / Ascension05:51The Golden Path2020
19:35:48Fatal FusionComing Forth by Day14:14Dissonant Minds2020
19:51:16Long Distance CallingHazard06:00How Do We Want To Live?2020
19:57:15IQShallow Bay06:15Resistance2019
20:04:56Randy McStineBefore04:29Idle2020
20:09:25RiversideBefore05:11Second Life Syndrome2005
20:14:36Terje Rypdal, Ronni Le tekroBefore05:49Rypdal & Tekro II1998
20:22:09Rick WakemanSober05:12Sober (ft. Jurgen Engler & Billy Sherwood)2020
20:27:17Rick WakemanAscraeus Mons05:46The Red Planet2020
20:34:3325 Yard ScreamerLeap Of Faith06:11The Pictures Within2020
20:40:44Alpha Lighting SystemAllison05:26H+2020
20:46:11The Light in the Ocean33-55-7703:45The Pseudo-Scientific Study of Oceanic Neo-Cryptid Zoology2020
20:49:55Egor LappoThe Brief Glimpses02:22Make the Sun Shine More2020
20:52:17Egor LappoMoonlight06:42Make the Sun Shine More2020
21:01:28Long Distance CallingVoices07:49How Do We Want To Live?2020
21:09:17Randy McStineIdle02:55Idle2020
21:13:41Döda HavetHjärnspöket05:19Tid och Rum2020
21:31:38Pure Reason RevolutionGhosts & Typhoons08:42Eupnea2020
21:42:07Long Distance CallingBeyond Your Limits06:21How Do We Want To Live?2020
21:48:28Randy McStinePrayer05:46Idle2020
21:54:15EvergreyAll I Have06:11The Atlantic2019
22:03:20Long Distance CallingAshes05:54How Do We Want To Live?2020
Author: Munframed