Episode #150: “Lunar Clock – The Scream Of Nature”

Lunar Clock - The Scream Of Nature

In episode 150, “Lunar Clock – The Scream Of Nature” is featured.

19:02:37AirbagNo Escape05:45Identity2009
19:11:40Lunar ClockFrieze02:47The Scream Of Nature2020
19:14:27Lunar ClockSkrik02:57The Scream Of Nature2020
19:21:25Legacy PilotsThe Squad Is Back (f. Marco Minnemann & Pete Trewavas)05:57Aviation2020
19:28:26IZZHalf Life04:25Half Life (EP)2020
19:32:51Pinnacle PointAscent to the Point03:13Symphony of Mind2020
19:36:04Pinnacle PointSo Alive06:32Symphony of Mind2020
19:42:36HakenThe Strain05:24Virus2020
19:48:00Pain of SalvationAccelerator05:23Panther2020
19:53:22Lonely RobotArmy of One06:18Feelings Are Good2020
19:59:40BlackfieldSummer’s Gone03:00For the Music2020
20:04:24Lunar ClockSadness Under The Belt Of Venus03:32The Scream Of Nature2020
20:07:56Fire GardenThe Passage (feat. Adam Holzman)05:02Point Blank2020
20:14:45Rick WakemanAscraeus Mons05:46The Red Planet2020
20:20:31FishGarden of Remembrance06:17Weltschmerz2020
20:26:48Lunar ClockA Winter Storm On Spring Blossom04:02The Scream Of Nature2020
20:30:50Lunar ClockEqual Adoration04:22The Scream Of Nature2020
20:38:30Crayon PhaseTurn Of Fortune09:43Two Hundred Pages2019
20:48:13Benway SomaCastle Of Sand06:30Shades On Empty Beaches2020
20:56:39Hangover ParadiseWhat Lies Beneath06:23Out Of Sight2017
21:03:02Professor Tip TopBeneath the Silence07:39Tomorrow is Delayed2020
21:10:41ArgosBeneath the Valley Of Sleep04:03Unidentified Dying Objects2018
21:14:44AyreonBeneath The Waves08:190101 1001 (CD 1)2008
21:25:17Lunar ClockMetabolism: The Tree Of Life02:37The Scream Of Nature2020
21:27:54Lunar ClockMetabolism: Mother Natures Sanctuary06:03The Scream Of Nature2020
21:34:26HawkwindOut Of The Shadows04:57Space Bandits1990
21:39:23Iron MaidenOut Of The Shadows05:32A Matter Of Life And Death (2006, Tocp-66616)2006
21:45:57The ReasoningChasing Rainbows06:00Awakening2007
21:53:58Legacy PilotsA Different League (f. Todd Suchermann, Jake Livgren & Jordan Rudess)04:38Aviation2020
22:00:50Lunar ClockMetabolism: Spring06:14The Scream Of Nature2020
Author: Munframed