Episode #151: “Swappers Eleven – From a Distance” & “Lighthouse Sparrows – The Deep End”

In episode 151, “Swappers Eleven – From a Distance” & “Lighthouse Sparrows – The Deep End” are featured.

19:02:27AnubisAll That Is11:07A Tower Of Silence2011
19:15:59Swappers ElevenThe Collector05:33From a Distance2020
19:21:32Lighthouse SparrowsGravest Danger06:13The Deep End2020
19:30:30Thoughts FactoryMind Odyssey05:30Elements2020
19:36:00Acute MindShine of Your Soul06:38Under the Empty Sky2020
19:44:09Homunculus ResLucciole per lanterne04:48Andiamo in giro di notte e ci consumiamo nel fuoco2020
19:50:52Barbara RubinEndless hope04:52The Shadows Playground2020
19:55:43Scarlet HollowAdventures In The Kings Garden06:11A Window To October2020
20:03:06Swappers ElevenDistance12:54From a Distance2020
20:16:00Lighthouse SparrowsScales06:55The Deep End2020
20:24:18Tiger Moth TalesStill Alive05:02Still Alive2020
20:29:19Steve BoninoA Song For Everyone03:38The Most Beautiful Feeling2020
20:32:58Geof Whitely ProjectMighty Echoes04:46Age Of The Gods2020
20:39:35Thoughts FactoryDawn Pt. 108:12Elements2020
20:47:46Thoughts FactoryDawn Pt. 202:59Elements2020
20:52:53Swappers ElevenNew Year’s Resolution03:49From a Distance2020
20:56:39Swappers ElevenOpen Your Eyes13:07From a Distance2020
21:10:42Lighthouse SparrowsShallow End04:37The Deep End2020
21:16:54Ayreon/Dee Snider/Tommy Karevik/Joe SatrianiGet Out! Now!05:01Transitus2020
21:21:55Pinnacle PointIn the Wake of Hope05:53Symphony of Mind2020
21:28:47KansasNever04:44The Absence of Presence2020
21:33:31Fire GardenIdiot Brain (Unplugged)04:21Point Blank2020
21:38:43Lighthouse SparrowsGravity06:58The Deep End2020
21:47:44Simon CollinsBecoming Human03:56Becoming Human2020
21:51:40NektarI’m on Fire08:29The Other Side2020
22:02:21Swappers ElevenFirst Light02:39From a Distance2020
22:05:00Swappers ElevenHope Is A Stranger07:16From a Distance2020
Author: Munframed