Episode #161: “Kepler Ten – Different Kind of Sideways” & “Pain Of Salvation – Panther”


In episode 161, “Kepler Ten – Different Kind of Sideways” & “Pain Of Salvation – Panther” are being featured.

19:00:37Kepler TenUniversal02:53Different Kind of Sideways2020
19:03:24Kepler TenClarity10:07Different Kind of Sideways2020
19:16:11AnubisTechnicolour Afterlife06:22Different Stories2018
19:23:42Pain Of SalvationAccelerator05:23Panther2020
19:30:03The Flower KingsRacing With Blinders On04:04Islands2020
19:34:07Looking-Glass LanternThe World Came into the Home05:54A World of Great Invention2020
19:40:01Fates WarningThe Destination Onward08:07Long Day Good Night2020
19:48:08KaleidorealThe One03:50Love’s Bright Light2020
19:52:37Sebastian HardieOpenings12:58Four Moments1975
20:10:52Kepler TenFalling Down05:14Different Kind of Sideways2020
20:16:06Pain Of SalvationUnfuture06:44Panther2020
20:23:35Dream TheaterSpace-Dye Vest07:25Awake1994
20:31:00Steven WilsonKing Ghost03:54The Future Bites2020
20:36:06KarnatakaOut Of Reach07:41Delicate Flame of Desire2003
20:44:56Looking-Glass LanternInside a World of Wonder10:32A World of Great Invention2020
20:55:28Subterranean MasqueradeNo Place Like Home07:57Suspended Animation Dreams2005
21:04:15Kepler TenThese Few Words08:04Different Kind of Sideways2020
21:12:18Pain Of SalvationPanther04:04Panther2020
21:16:22Kepler TenOne And The Same19:56Different Kind of Sideways2020
21:17:59Uriah HeepThe Spell07:24Demons and Wizards (Expanded De-Luxe Edition 2003)1972
21:25:23BlackfieldUnder My Skin03:13For the Music (pre-release)2020
21:28:36BlackfieldEnd of the World05:04Blackfield II2007
21:36:09Pain Of SalvationIcon13:02Panther2020
21:52:59Kepler TenOne And The Same19:56Different Kind of Sideways2020
Author: Munframed