Episode #104: “Amalgam Effect – Sketches”

19:05:29AnubisThe Collapse12:102305032010
19:19:44Amalgam EffectSketches I-II: Making Them Feel / Success (Moreoverture)9:23Sketches2019
19:30:53JadisAnimated5:32Medium Rare II2019
19:36:25WindCryptomedia3:03Keeping Me Occupied2019
19:41:10Caravela EscarlateUm Brilho Fragil no Infinito5:10Caravela Escarlate2019
19:46:20Paul D’AdamoGames Without Frontiers4:35Rawfully Organic2019
19:50:54Sid VisionFor The Kids4:52Feverish2019
19:57:57Amalgam EffectSketches III-V: Retail Robot / Rising to Incompetence / No Glass Ceiling8:07Sketches2019
20:07:10TheoIdle Worship13:22Theo2015
20:21:34The Neal Morse BandA Love That Never Dies7:37The Great Adventure2019
20:30:08AirbagHomesick I-III16:56All Rights Removed2011
20:48:47CamelMystic Queen5:29Camel1973
20:54:16SilhouetteWhen Snow’s Falling Down7:03Across The Rubicon2012
21:01:20ITDown the Hatch5:29We’re All in This Together2017
21:08:12Amalgam EffectSketches VI-VII: Nothing to Lose / War Song10:37Sketches2019
21:19:39RPWLUnchain the Earth (The Scientist)7:02Beyond Man and Time2011
21:26:41ArenaNo Change Encounter4:30The Unquiet Sky2015
21:32:08WindHome Town5:03Keeping Me Occupied2019
21:37:11JadisThere’s A Light (Live 2018)5:37Medium Rare II2019
21:43:46Lee AbrahamHarbour Lights6:56The Seasons Turn2016
21:54:37Amalgam EffectSketches XI-XII: But a Beast / I Will7:57Sketches2019

Episode #103: “Marc Durkee – Remain In Stasis” & “Mangeur de Rêves – Histoires à l’envers”

19:00:41AnubisCrimson Stained Romance6:58Hitchhiking To Byzantium2014
19:12:49Slug ComparisonFine With It3:51When You Were Living Here2019
19:17:31Marc DurkeeThe Dark Dimension5:01Remain In Stasis2019
19:24:02Mangeur de RêvesHier0:37Histoires à l’envers2019
19:24:39Mangeur de RêvesDernier hiver4:24Histoires à l’envers2019
19:31:59Eris PluviaLa Chanson De Jeanne17:26Tales From Another Time2019
19:51:13MetaphorThe Open Road8:37The Pearl2019
20:04:25The Prophets Of ZarquonThe Gate5:30Eternal Skies2019
20:11:57Marc DurkeeA Way To Escape5:15Remain In Stasis2019
20:17:12Mangeur de RêvesAinsi parlait Pinel6:58Histoires à l’envers2019
20:25:45SylviumSignal To Noise9:13Waiting For The Noise2015
20:34:35ArenaMidas Vision4:34Songs From The Lions Cage1995
20:40:33MarillionWarm Wet Circles4:24Clutching at Straws1987
20:44:56TheoIdle Worship13:22Theo2015
20:59:54Stephen TarantoAporia2:23Permanence2019
21:02:17The Hope ArsenalReach For The Sun4:59Reach For The Sun (EP)2019
21:07:16Lost CrownsHousemaid’s Knees9:51Every Night Something Happens2019
21:16:35MoodManMan Of The New Age4:52Man Of The New Age2019
21:23:20Marc DurkeeMimesis3:51Remain In Stasis2019
21:27:11Marc DurkeeA Great Disdain3:55Remain In Stasis2019
21:32:32Franck CarducciJourney Through the Mind7:41Torn Apart2015
21:40:03Neo ProphetThe Genuine Me6:25T.I.M.E.2015
21:46:28EkosAstralis3:20Otra Dimension2017
21:51:52Mangeur de RêvesEnfants de coeur6:07Histoires à l’envers2019
22:00:41Marc DurkeeStasis4:58Remain In Stasis2019

Episode #102: “Grand Tour – Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)” & “Red Bazar – Things As They Appear”

The March 4th episode of Music Unframed in 2019 is featuring “Grand Tour – Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)” & “Red Bazar – Things As They Appear”. In this episode, you will also hear new Music by Anubis, Grand Tour, Red Bazar, Avantasia, Queensryche, Stephen Taranto, Tim Bowness, Machines Dream, In Continuum, Projekt Gemineye, Eris Pluvia, Marc Durkee, Slug Comparison and Mangeur de Rêves .

19:00:05AnubisAnd I Wait for My World to End4:44Behind Our Eyes (Live)2014
19:07:40Grand TourClocks That Tick (But Never Talk)11:22Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)2019
19:19:50Red BazarTemple6:49Things As They Appear2019
19:27:54AvantasiaGhost in the Moon9:46Moonglow2019
19:37:40QueensrycheBlood Of The Levant3:25The Verdict2019
19:41:05Stephen TarantoPixel Heart  Verdant5:04Permanence2019
19:47:40Tim BownessI Go Deeper4:10Flowers At The Scene2019
19:51:50Tim BownessThe Train That Pulled Away4:00Flowers At The Scene2019
19:56:35Grand TourDon’t Cry Now7:19Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)2019
20:03:54Red BazarNothing Left7:40Things As They Appear2019
20:14:51Machines DreamImmunity25:12:00Revisionist History2019
20:41:31In ContinuumBe the Light (Feat. Steve Rothery)4:46Acceleration Theory2019
20:46:17Projekt GemineyeVirtual Reality8:23Man of Science Man2019
20:55:51AvantasiaLavender (feat. Bob Catley)4:20Moonglow2019
21:00:11QueensrycheDark Reverie4:19The Verdict2019
21:06:14Tim BownessGhostlike4:50Flowers At The Scene2019
21:11:05Eris PluviaLost In The Sands Of Time5:35Tales From Another Time2019
21:18:15Grand TourGame Over9:46Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)2019
21:28:00Red BazarLiar6:17Things As They Appear2019
21:36:00Marc DurkeeThe Dark Dimension5:01Remain In Stasis2019
21:41:00Slug ComparisonExactly What To Do3:56When You Were Living Here2019
21:44:56Mangeur de RêvesAinsi parlait Pinel6:58Histoires à l’envers2019
21:51:54Red BazarThe Parting4:50Things As They Appear2019
21:54:32Red BazarThe Parting4:50Things As They Appear2019
22:00:58Grand TourSlumber Sweetly7:48Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)2019

Episode #101: “The Room – Bodies On The Road”

The February 25th episode of Music Unframed in year 2019 is featuring “The Room – Bodies On The Road”. In this episode, you will also hear new Music by Anubis, The Room, Dream Theater, Fernando Perdomo, Kinetic Element, Grand Tour, Protomythos, Steve Hackett, Evergrey, Soen, The Neal Morse Band, RPWL, Karibow, Dave Kerzner, Lion Shepherd, Shumaun , In Continuum, Sound Of Contact, Ovrfwd, Riveryman and Saga.

19:00:46AnubisBlackout7:44The Second Hand2017
19:10:49The RoomBodies On The Road5:02Caught By The Machine2019
19:17:40Dream TheaterUntethered Angel6:08Distance Over Time2019
19:23:45Fernando PerdomoTheme From ”Dr. Leisure”3:59Out To Sea 22019
19:29:36Kinetic ElementEpistle7:05The Face of Life2019
19:36:41Grand TourClocks That Tick (But Never Talk)11:22Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)2019
19:50:11ProtomythosBitter Truth7:43Heavy Crowns2019
19:57:54Steve HackettBeasts In Our Time6:16At The Edge Of Light2019
20:05:39The RoomRun5:44Caught By The Machine2019
20:11:23EvergreyA Silent Arc7:35The Atlantic2019
20:25:16The Neal Morse BandWelcome to the World5:22The Great Adventure2019
20:32:02RPWLA New World8:31Tales From Outer Space2019
20:40:33KaribowCrusader, Part 3: A New World6:40MOnuMENTO (2) Monuments2018
20:47:13Dave KerznerNew World5:39New World (Deluxe Edition)2015
20:54:12The RoomThe Golden Ones6:09Caught By The Machine2019
21:00:20Lion ShepherdWhat Went Wrong (Radio Edit)4:48What Went Wrong (Radio Edit)2019
21:06:38Shumaun One Day Closer to Yesterday15:07One Day Closer to Yesterday 2019
21:22:47In ContinuumCrash Landing (Feat. Steve Hackett)5:46Acceleration Theory2019
21:28:33Sound Of ContactNot Comming Down5:53Dimensionaut2013
21:36:43OvrfwdWretch6:54Blurring the Lines (a Democracy Manifest)2018
21:43:36RiverymanRumours In The Darkness5:34Views, Fears & Stories2018
21:50:38The RoomDrowning In Sound8:32Caught By The Machine2019
22:01:45SagaDon’t Be Late8:48So Good So Far – Live At Rock Of Ages2018

Episode #97: 2018 in Review, Part 3

on January 28th and on the Third episode of Music Unframed in year 2019, We review some of my 2018 favorite releases alphabetically! In this episode, you will hear Music by  Anubis, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Hawkwind, Hekz, High Jack, Hollowscene, The Hollow Moon, Human 2.0, iamthemorning, IO Earth, JPL, Joseph McDade, Jensen Jones, Jaan Wessman, Jack Potter, Joe Satriani, John Holden, Kaleidoreal, Kamelot, Karda Estra, Karibow, Karmamoi, Karcius, Kayak, Kenny Mitchell, Keor, Kino, Kingcrow and Komie.

19:21:32AnubisAnd I Wait For My World To End5:11A Tower Of Silence2011
19:29:13Hats Off Gentlemen It’s AdequateThe Electric Ant4:02Out Of Mind2018
19:33:16HawkwindQuark, Strangeness and Charm4:26Road to Utopia2018
19:43:39High JackThe End of Mankind5:44The Iron God2018
19:51:44HollowsceneThe Moon Is Down4:17Hollowscene2018
19:56:12The Hollow MoonThe Hollow Moon4:00The Hollow Moon2018
20:00:13Human 2.0Crispr4:48Colour Thinking2018
20:06:25iamthemorninginside (Ocean Sounds Sessions)3:28Ocean Sounds2018
20:09:54IO EarthSolitude7:44Solitude2018
20:19:50JPLUne étrange idée5:14Retrospections Vol. 32018
20:25:04Joseph McDadeSneak Preview5:05Scatterbrained2018
20:30:09Jensen JonesWithout You4:56Stay2018
20:35:06Jaan WessmanFulfilled5:39None For The Money, Two For The Show2018
20:42:25Jack PotterSelf Made Man5:03Pride Before The Fall2018
20:47:29Joe SatrianiEnergy3:25What Happens Next2018
20:50:53John HoldenCrimson Sky5:46Capture Light2018
20:58:24KaleidorealI Was Dust7:34A Life Wasted2018
21:05:58KamelotAmnesiac3:35The Shadow Theory2018
21:09:33Karda EstraMephisto Portrait3:48Veil2018
21:15:32KaribowPrivate Babylon6:05MOnuMENTO (1) Moments2018
21:21:37KarmamoiMother’s Dirge (Radio Edit)5:22The Day Is Done2018
21:26:59KarciusSomething5:56The Fold2018
21:34:30KayakAll That I Want3:42Seventeen2018
21:38:12Kenny MitchellWhere do I go…5:51The Light and The Dark…2018
21:46:10KeorThe Nest of Evil8:32Petrichor2018
21:56:34KinoThe Dead Club4:03Radio Voltaire2018
22:00:38KingcrowNight’s Descending4:50The Persistence2018

Episode #96: 2018 in Review, Part 2

The Second episode of Music Unframed in year 2019, on January 21st, is to review some of my 2018 favorite releases alphabetically! In this episode, you will hear Music by  Anubis, The D Project, Damanek, The Dame, Daviesteelman, Delusion Squared, Dice, Dilemma, El tubo Elastico, Elizabeth the Last, Ellesmere, Epitaph, ESP 2.0, Evership, Face the Day, Frequency Drift, Frontal Cortex, Full Nothing, Galahad, Galasphere 347, Gazpacho, Geoff Barone, Ghost, Glass Hammer, Godsticks, Grackle, GSG (The Geoff Smith Group), Hadeon, HAGO and Happy Rhodes.

19:02:59AnubisLeaving Here Tonight3:48Different Stories2018
19:09:13The D ProjectBe Free4:33Find Your Sun2018
19:13:46DamanekRagusa5:12In Flight2018
19:19:54The DameThe Last Dance5:36Losing Sight of What You Want2018
19:25:30DaviesteelmanShadow Street Shuffle6:12Where It All Began2018
19:32:57Delusion SquaredNecessary Evil5:02Anthropocene2018
19:37:59DiceVision In The Eyes8:28What If My Black Cat Is An Alien2018
19:46:26DilemmaThe Space Between The Waves4:29Random Acts of Liberation2018
19:52:07El tubo ElasticoTurritopsis nutricula5:32Impala2018
19:55:04Elizabeth the LastNew Future7:48Elizabeth the Last2018
20:03:39EllesmereRunaway5:58Ellesmere II: From Sea And Beyond2018
20:09:37EpitaphSomewhere Tomorrow3:34A Song in Time2018
20:13:55ESP 2.0Smiling Forever6:2422 Layers Of Sunlight2018
20:20:19EvershipThe Serious Room 17:43Evership II2018
20:29:10Face the DayWith Faith on My Side4:50Stuck In The Present2018
20:33:59Frequency DriftUnderground4:50Letters To Maro2018
20:39:47Frontal CortexBeginning Of The End4:03Passage2018
20:43:50Full NothingFallen Hero4:40Somewhere and Nowhere2018
20:49:49GalahadDust (Extended Edit)5:52Seas of Change2018
20:55:41Galasphere 347The Voice of Beauty Drowned10:24Galasphere 3472018
21:10:15Geoff BaroneSomething Beautiful3:21Acquiescence2018
21:13:36GhostSee the Light4:00Prequelle2018
21:18:37Glass HammerMeloncholy Holiday4:11Chronomonaut2018
21:22:48GodsticksRuin3:57Below The Belt2018
21:28:04GrackleWinds of Culture4:36The Quiet Noise2018
21:31:58GSG (The Geoff Smith Group)I See You6:40Special Skyline2018
21:40:06HadeonThoughts ‘n’ Sparks5:45Sunrise2017
21:57:16Happy RhodesI Cannot Go On4:01Ectotrophia2018

Episode #95: 2018 in Review, Part 1

The first episode of Music Unframed in year 2019 on January 14th, is to review some great 2018 releases alphabetically! In this episode, you will hear Music by Anubis, The Aaron Clift Experiment, All Traps On Earth, Anima Mundi, Albion, Antimatter, Antoine Fafard, Apogee, Arena, Argos, AlithiA, Asturias, Audio70, Ankh, Art of Illusion, Bjorn Riis, Black Ladder, Black Strat Band, Burntfield, Bomber Goggles, Between the Buried and Me, Canturbe, Cell15, Colin Tench, Coma Rossi, Cosmic Order, Coheed and Cambria, Carptree, Crippled Black Phoenix, Crystal Palace and The Cyberiam

19:01:06AnubisTechnicolour Afterlife6:22Different Stories2018
19:12:09The Aaron Clift ExperimentIf All Goes Wrong5:04If All Goes Wrong2018
19:17:13All Traps On EarthBortglomda Gardar13:39A Drop Of Light2018
19:25:34Anima MundiHer Song6:56Insomnia2018
19:33:30AlbionDoubt4:47You’ll Be Mine2018
19:38:16AntimatterThe Third Arm4:49Black Market Enlightenment2018
19:44:36Antoine FafardEmpty World10:23Proto Mundi2017
19:50:23ApogeeOverride Our Instincts12:57Conspiracy Of Fools2018
19:59:07ArenaParadise Of Thieves5:04Double Vision2018
20:04:11ArgosParade of Unpainted Dreams4:09Unidentified Dying Objects2018
20:08:21AlithiAFaces in the Leaves6:14The Moon has Fallen2018
20:16:39AsturiasDawn Wind4:33Across The Ridge To Heaven2018
20:21:12Audio70Six sharpened blades4:56ElectRockProg(con)Fusion2018
20:22:42AnkhErotyk4:38Tu jest i tam jest2018
20:27:20Art of IllusionAble to Abide4:16Cold War of Solipsism2018
20:33:23Bjorn RiisDrowning6:24Coming Home2018
20:39:38Black LadderSpeakin’ Easy4:17An Ambitious Few2018
20:44:37Black Strat BandPersonal Demons6:06Absence2018
20:50:44BurntfieldMy Grief4:54Hereafter2018
20:57:03Bomber GogglesLand of Plastic5:10Gyreland2018
21:02:13Between the Buried and MeMillions4:43Automata I2018
21:07:44CanturbeEn Bajon3:50Flotteur2018
21:11:34Cell15Street Lights7:32River Utopia2018
21:20:14Colin TenchWelcome to Your World4:40Minor Masterpiece2017
21:24:54Coma RossiTurn Back Time6:33Coma Rossi2018
21:32:22Cosmic OrderThe Snake Rides Again5:12Songs of Love and Darkness2018
21:37:26Coheed and CambriaBlack Sunday4:43The Unheavenly Creatures2018
21:42:39CarptreeBy Your Own Device5:28Subimago2018
21:48:06Crippled Black PhoenixMadman4:49Great Escape2018
21:52:56Crystal PalaceOutside The Box4:00Scattered Shards2018
22:00:19The CyberiamJuxtaposer5:52The Cyberiam2018